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Who We Are

Executive Director

  • Stanley Diamond

Assistant Director

  • Robinn Magid

Executive Committee

  • Judy Baston
  • Stanley Diamond
  • Mark Halpern
  • Hadassah Lipsius
  • Robinn Magid
  • Gary Pokrassa
  • Michael Tobias

Board of Directors

  • Judy Baston, USA
  • Jeffrey Cymbler, USA
  • Stanley Diamond, Canada
  • William Ferstenfeld, USA
  • Alan Greenberg, Canada
  • Mark Halpern, USA
  • Bryan Langer, USA
  • Hadassah Lipsius, USA
  • Robinn Magid, USA
  • Gary Pokrassa, USA
  • Joe Ross, USA
  • Michael Tobias, Scotland
  • Jeff Wexler, USA
  • Howard Zakai, USA


  • Gary Pokrassa, Treasurer
  • Siddy Rosenberg, Finance Coordinator
  • Dean Salman, Finance Associate

List Moderator

  • Judy Baston

Web Team

  • Web Coordinator, Howard Fink
  • Design Coordinator, Bryan Langer
  • Web Developer, Meira Puterman

Data Management

  • Database Manager, Michael Tobias
  • Data Coordinator, Hadassah Lipsius
  • Data Editor, Howard Fink
  • Data AGAD Coordinator, Mark Halpern
  • Image Linking Coordinators, Howard Fink, Robinn Magid, Steve Zedeck

Archive Coordinators and Town Leaders

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