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Breaking News!

Landmark agreement with Yad Vashem:

JRI-Poland search results now include Pages of Testimony matches

How to search Pages of Testimony from JRI-Poland

How to search the
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Researchers using the JRI-Poland site will now also receive Pages of Testimony results from the Yad Vashem database when they search using the JRI-Poland search form.

We are proud of being the first organization Yad Vashem has allowed 3rd party access to its invaluable collection through an API* and are excited to contemplate the many new and possibly life-changing discoveries that will be made by researchers who have either overlooked Yad Vashem as a source, or do not regularly search Pages of Testimony as part of their genealogical pursuit.

It is the hope of JRI-Poland and Yad Vashem that the agreement and the expanded search results will inspire you to both delve deeper into your family history and create new Pages of Testimony based on your findings.

If you discover Pages of Testimony that have errors, please file new pages with correct primary source information and/or use the Yad Vashem form "suggest entries related to one victim."

Important Search Instructions

The [square brackets] feature on the JRI-Poland “Search Our Database” webform forcing the appearance of specific letters will not work in the Yad Vashem results. (Any brackets will be ignored).

If you do not specify a town name in your search, the Yad Vashem database will be searched for all matches with a connection to Poland (as specified in their system). If you do specify the name of a town, then that town name will be searched in the Yad Vashem system, irrespective of the countr(y)(ies) specified for the records. The JRI-Poland search results will display the Town of Birth even though it does not appear in the Yad Vashem results page.

An example of what you can expect to see in the JRI-Poland search results:

Clicking on the Yad Vashem button [List 81 records…] opens a new page at the Yad Vashem website with the 81 results with the name WIDELEC (and similar sounding names) in Pages of Testimony and other sources integrated into the Pages of Testimony database.

*API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

Comments should only be sent to: YadVashemSearch@JRI-Poland.org