April 2023 Database Updates

What’s new for researchers?

Greetings JRI-Poland researchers. We are happy to announce that JRI-Poland has finished uploading a huge amount of new indices for collections spanning many of our research areas.  We hope you enjoy your Afikoman gift.  

A brief summary of the changes is below, with links to the relevant town and project pages contained therein.

AGAD Archives (Galician towns now in Ukraine)

JRI-Poland has uploaded over 20,000 extended indices for 11 Galician towns in the eastern part of Galicia. This includes data for Halicz, a town that previously had no vital record data online.

This newly uploaded data is searchable using the JRI-Poland legacy search engine reached from the JRI-Poland homepage https://www.jri-poland.org/ by clicking on “Search” from the menu at the top.

For Lwow Research Area

  • Drohobycz: Births 1918; Marriages 1916,18-34,36-38; Deaths 1916-37,39
  • Grodek Jagellonski: Marriages 1904-28; Deaths 1904-16
  • Krakowiec: Deaths 1877-89
  • Mosty Wielkie: Births 1903-15; Marriages 1878-1919; Marriages from Index Book 1935-39
  • Rawa Ruska: Marriages 1909-35

For Stanislawow Research Area

  • Halicz: Marriages 1923-31; Deaths 1923-36
  • Kosow: Births 1877-81; Marriages 1891-96,99-1911

For Tarnopol Research Area

  • Borszczow: Marriages 1930-37
  • Budzanow: Deaths 1914-39,41-42
  • Kopyczynce: Marriages 1920-38
  • Pomorzany: Deaths 1919-39,41

Many of these groups of records cover the period of World War I and the last great pandemic. There are a number of towns in the area including Halicz and Pomorzany that are missing records from before World War I. In most cases, these records were destroyed during the War. Where records before WWI are intact, the records for the War years might be missing or curtailed as the War rolled through Galicia.

Some records have been indexed and are not yet online as they await additional funding. Here are 10 towns in that situation: Boryslaw, Czortkow, Gliniany, Jagielnica, Kolomyja, Lwow, Rudki, Stanislawow, Stary Sambor, Uhnow. Please contact the town leader for each of those towns if you would like to learn more about funding a project.

Lublin Archives

Lublin Area researchers will be excited about the additions for  Chelm, Kodno and the city of Lublin.   There were almost 55,000 records added including many 20th Century records.     

Koden updated file containing Births – 1826 ~1910, Marriages and Deaths 1826~1931

Chelm updated file containing Births 1826~1939, Marriages and Deaths 1826~1938 – These years also appear in the LDS microfilms

Lublin updated file containing Births 1901-1922, Marriages and Deaths 1901-1940

Warszawa Archives

For the Pre-1826 years we continue to work on the eight districts that were in Warszawa in the early 19th Century and are now including the villages around Warszawa that are now in 2023 an integral part of the city of Warszawa.   The following additional items have been added:

  • Fond 190 District 8 (Praga) – 1824 Births
  • Fond 170 Village of Zerzen – Births, 1816-1825, Marriages 1816-1819, 1821-1824, Deaths 1817, 1819-1820, 1823-1825
  • Fond 165 Village of Tarchomin – Births 1824, Marriages 1824, Deaths 1824-1825
  • Fond 178 Village of Wola – Births 1820, 1823, Marriages 1820 Deaths 1820, 1822, 1824

Fond 180  –  In 2022 we announced that all of Fond 180 was complete but we spoke too soon.   After a full inventory check we corrected some district numbers and found some gaps.   The following additional items have been added:

  • 1826 Births District 3
  • 1839 Deaths District 7,8
  • 1845 Deaths District 7,8
  • 1853-1854 Deaths, District 4
  • 1858-1859 Births District 4

For Fond 200 we extended extracts for 1869 and 1870 – Birth, Marriages and Deaths District 1 

Monitor Polski

The extractions from the Government Published Periodical Monitor Polski has been updated to include image links for all entries.   The image link will take you to the first page of the periodical issue.

There is a column titled, “Volume/Page/year”,   Note the page number listed in this column and then scroll to the correct page number of the issue.

Expressing Thanks

To all the great volunteers and donors who helped make this announcement possible.

We want to thank Michael Tobias who handles all the data for the database and the following volunteers who have indexed some of the eastern Galician records being made available to you now: Denise Fletcher, Suzanne Hecker, Philippe Volvovic, Max Wald, and Suzan Wynne.

For the Lublin Archives additions we thank the following contributors Gary Pokrassa, Max Wald, Smadar Gilboa, Robinn Magid

Best wishes and a Happy Passover to everyone.