Project Explorer

Welcome to a new way of looking at JRI-Poland!

We are delighted to present a new tool for investigating JRI-Poland projects! Whether they are active projects or “historic” (long-completed), the Project Explorer module presents our activities in one place.

Now you can quickly search, sort and browse to become familiar with hundreds of JRI-Poland classic and groundbreaking projects.
Cards for each project include a detailed description, leadership contact and fundraising status information.

1. Featured Project: These are projects that the JRI-Poland team would like to announce or bring to your attention as they progress.
2. Mark projects as “favorites” (❤️) to easily return to them later.
3. Search by SURNAME or Town: Quickly find projects that include a surname you are researching. This search feature includes both data that is accessible in a public search and may also include searching the indices to data which is still under development or not yet fully-funded, and therefore, is available only in Project Explorer and not yet available in our Search module.
4. Always up-to-date Surname Lists: Displays surnames found so far in the project, even for many projects that are still in development. (What are Surname Lists?)
5. Related projects: From any project detail card, you can explore additional projects for that Town and similar projects for an associated Research Area. (What are Research Areas?)

Let us know what you find that you didn’t know before… or what you expected to learn but isn’t there. We want your input to help JRI-Poland make the Project Explorer module even better. Feel free to dismiss this notice by clicking the X at the top right – happy hunting!

– The NextGen Team