Bearing Witness: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash Share Their Family Stories at Auschwitz

Today, broadcasting from Auschwitz on Holocaust Memorial Day, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash shared their family stories, so indelibly tied to the very earth on which they were standing.

Wolf spoke of his grandparents, Izaak and Chaja who perished at Auschwitz among the more than one million Jews whose days ended after passing through those gates of Hell.

Prior to the Holocaust, the Blitzer family lived in nearby Oświęcim where Wolf’s father Dawid and his younger sister Rachela attended school. The school records survived, were extracted by the volunteers of JRI-Poland and have been shared with the Blitzer family.

Today, we are honored to be able to share five years of Dawid’s school performance records with our community in the form of a flip-book, embedded below.