First Anniversary of the JRI-Poland Membership Program

The JRI-Poland Annual Membership Program is celebrating its first anniversary.  We are deeply appreciative of the support of our administrative expenses funded by your membership and your generous response to our new, very successful membership drive.

Membership expires one year after the member donates the $54 annual dues. Some researchers have written to ask if they are “members” because we’ve also recently introduced FREE User Accounts on our new website. To clarify, your free User Account does not confer membership. 

Please read on to learn more about Membership and renewal.

If You Are Already a Member

When members log in to the website, there is a greeting with your name near the top right corner of the screen. Below that will be a note indicating “Member since” with the date of your initial membership enrollment.  Your membership is up for renewal one year from that displayed date. Please continue to support us by renewing promptly. Later this year we will plan to have automated renewal requests, but for now, the renewal notice is volunteer driven. Please make our job easier by renewing promptly and lightening the load on our volunteers!  Thank you!

JRI-Poland depends on your annual $54 generosity (tax-deductible for US taxpayers) to power our computer servers, accounting, tax and audit service needs that are vital to our award-winning charitable organization.

To emphasize once more, your donation for membership does not support our vibrant data acquisition activity which is separate function – part of our individual town fundraising campaigns.

Membership benefits include exclusive member meetings, and upcoming member-access to Pre-1826 spreadsheets which will be downloadable from our website. A member dashboard to save and manage preferred searches is being designed now. And there soon will be a members-only menu option with additional members-only features. 

Join or renew your membership, now!

If You Are Not A Member (Yet)

Use of the JRI-Poland website and database has always been and will always remain freely accessible.  

We welcome your use of the site and hope you will consider performing the mitzvah of “helping maintain” our wonderful treasure. If you have become a qualified contributor of one or more of our projects, we thank you!  If you have given to our NextGen website development, we thank you! 

Please Remember

Although JRI-Poland is a volunteer charitable organization, there are costs for running our servers as well as those associated with our accounting, reporting and auditing obligations.  We are completely independent and do not receive support from other institutions or genealogical organizations, including  We depend on you to support our mission.  Please join us today!

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