Kielce 1935 Jewish Voters List Online for Search

As part of the JRI-Poland commitment to make available the genealogical-relevant data from all Kielce towns – town by town – resource by resource (Parish records, metric records, Books of Residents, school lists and more), I am pleased to announce that the Jewish names from the 1935 Kielce Voters List is now fully accessible for online search on the JRI-Poland website.

The list includes over 7,500 names of Jews registered to vote in 1935, representing 27% of the total list of names. In the interwar period in Poland, people over the age of 21 had the right to vote in elections to the Sejm.

Names with page and file number are found on a master Voting List housed in the Kielce Archive. The details for each voter include:

  • Name
  • Date-of-birth (or age)
  • Address (street and house#)
  • Year at that location

For additional information on the 1935 Voter List and all Kielce-Radom-Sandomierz area record extraction projects, please contact me directly through the JRI-Poland Town Explorer page for Kielce.

Judy Golan

JRI-Poland Kielce-Radom-Sandomierz Area Coordinator

Kfar Vradim, Israel