Kraków Cemetery, ul. Miodowa 55, Burial Register

A photocopy of the New Cemetery Burial Register, Krakow, was made available to JRI-Poland in 2002 by Shoshana Liberman of Holon, Israel. Shoshana and her late husband Jacob bought this volume on a visit to Poland in 1991. There are 18,894 entries in the JRI-Poland database created by volunteer Judy Goldstein.

The register covers the years 1922-1939 and 1945-1961. For the years 1922-1939 the location of the grave is noted but without dates of death. From 1945 to 1961, the dates of death are included in the data.

Since the cemetery was desecrated during and after World War II, not all grave locations may still be valid. There are pieces of matzevahs (headstones) cemented onto the cemetery walls and when the cemetery was “repaired” after the war, the intact stones were placed “randomly” and not placed in their original locations. In the years that have since passed, age and weather have taken their toll on some of the stones; other have toppled or have been pushed over.

The New Cemetery is still being used for Jewish burials and it can be visited. To obtain photographs of existing stones, contact Sławomir Pastuszka of Kraków.

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