Lublin Survivor List

Surviving Jews in Lublin, 1945

This database of 2,393 names was compiled in 1945 by the Central Jewish Committee 
in Poland and printed as a 15-page booklet by the World Jewish Congress. An internal 
World Jewish Congress office memorandum that accompanied the original manuscript 
explains that there were 45,000 Jews in Lublin before the Second World War, when the 
Germans established Lublin as a “reservation state…not only for the Jews of Poland, 
but for European Jewry in general.” Lublin’s population then swelled to 150,000 Jews. 
The memo adds that they were chased from Lublin to Majdenek, the first extermination
camp, and that Lublin was the first Jewish community to undergo destruction at the hands 
of the Germans. The surviving Jews are described as “the only remnants of the Jews who 
represented one of the most famous Jewish communities in Europe, and the oldest Jewish
community in Poland.”

The database contains the booklet page number, surname, given name, other surname (if any),
birth year, address in 1939 (town name), father’s given name, mother’s given name, and present 
(1945) address in Lublin.

This database is provided through the Czestochowa-Radomsko Area Research Group (CRARG). 
The Czestochowa-Radomsko Area Research Group gathers lists of Jewish residents of 
Czestochowa, Radomsko, and the small towns nearby (Gidle, Janów, Klobuck, Klomnice, Krzepice, Lelów, Mstów, Nowa Brzeznica, Plawno, Praszka, Przyrów, Rozprza, Szczekociny and Zarki), as well as Holocaust death lists and survivor lists from around Poland, in order to support the search for family and family history.

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