Radom ID Cards 1929-1934

ID cards with photos were issued from the time Poland regained independence after the first world war. However, until 1928 the document referred to as “ID card” was, in fact, a passport used primarily for foreign travel. Starting in 1928, municipalities issued “proper” ID cards that were distinct from passports.

Radom ID Cards Background

The Radom branch of the Polish State Archives holds multiple folders with official documents pertaining to residents of the city, including passports, books of residents, newcomers, and Identity Cards. The Archive has already scanned some of these collections and started uploading the scans to the Szukajwarchiwarch website.

Residents applying for Identity Card booklets from the city of Radom completed an Identity Card Request Form (Do Zarządu miejskiego w Radomiu) that was submitted to the Radom Municipality and assigned a sequential “Nr. Kol.” To substantiate residency, a form was completed titled Address Register of the City Council of Radom (biuro adresowe zarzadu miejskiego m. Radomia). These forms survived from 1929-1934. Scans of the 1934 forms are now available on the Szukajwarchiwach PSA site.

Genealogical Details

The 1934 documents include the ID Request forms as well as surviving ID booklets with name, date-of-birth, place-of-birth, parentage and best of all, photos, which are intact on most of the request forms and ID books. The photos are the highlight of these surviving records. These details have been extracted and included in the JRI-Poland database. Approximately one-third of 470 applicants were for Jews born in other towns.

In Appreciation

We thank JRI-Poland Radom Area Coordinator, Judy Golan, and Radom Kehlilalink Webmaster, Susan Weinberg, who collaborated to identify and fully extract the vital details from the Jewish documents and provide clickable links. Our appreciation is extended to the Radom branch of the Polish State Archives and the National Digital Archives of the PSA for making the scans conveniently available online.

As new years of scans are made available online, extractions of the collection will continue.

Sample of 1934 Radom ID Request below:

Example scan