Stanley Diamond and JRI-Poland’s Role in the Evolution of Genealogy


To our valued community members:

Your passion for tracing Jewish genealogy has always inspired us. A recent Harvard Business School article, “Money Does Grow On (Family) Trees,” showcases this world, and we’re proud to share that JRI-Poland and Stanley Diamond stand at its forefront.

The Deep Roots of Genealogy

Discovering a long-lost relative or unveiling a family secret offers a thrill like no other. It’s akin to piecing together our own historical puzzle. Many of you have embarked on this journey, and the stories you’ve uncovered are invaluable.

Stanley Diamond: Our Guiding Light

Most of you recognize Stanley Diamond’s name and his tireless dedication. His personal journey to trace his family lineage not only unveiled surprising connections but also ignited a vision: making genealogical research more accessible for all.

JRI-Poland: Our Shared Legacy

JRI-Poland, since its inception in 1995, has become a cornerstone for those tracing their Polish Jewish roots. With collaboration from the Polish State Archives, we’ve built a database of over 7 million records. This achievement showcases the power of our community. Your contributions, both as researchers and donors, have been instrumental in this success.

The Future: Merging Tradition with Innovation

While we honor our traditional research roots, the future of genealogy holds immense promise. Platforms like utilize cutting-edge technology, from AI to DNA testing, to enhance our search capabilities. Yet, at the heart of it all, our mission remains unchanged: to unearth our shared heritage.


As we forge ahead, let’s also pause to celebrate our milestones. Visionaries like Stanley Diamond, combined with the collective spirit of the JRI-Poland community, position us at the vanguard of genealogical research. We eagerly anticipate more shared discoveries in the future!

For a deeper dive, we invite you to read “Money Does Grow On (Family) Trees” on the Harvard Business School website.