Surviving Jews in Stockholm List

Surviving Jews in Stockholm , 1946

This database of 807 names was compiled as a booklet in 1946 by the Mosaiska formsamlingens i Stockholm (the Jewish Community in Stockholm ).

 The database contains the booklet page number, nationality, arrival date in Sweden , surname, other surname (if any), given name, birth year, last domicile and place of birth.

Permission to use this database comes from the organization Survivors in Sweden .

The comments field has three listings.  The table below defines the listing code.

List LetterList definition
AList No. 10 of Jews who arrived in Sweden after 26-Jun-1946 (Group 2)
BMosaiska Forsamlingen; Registreringsavdelningen; Malmskillnadsgatan 38
CMosaiska Forsamlingen; Registreringsavdelningen; Wahrendorffsgatan 3 Stockholm
Key for listings

The data entry and proofing was done by Sunny Cohen, Harvey Nyman, Britt and Benjamin Sevitt, Henri Rabinowicz, Ellen Lee, Kate O’Donnell, Morton Rochman and Sue Clamp.

This database is provided through the Czestochowa-Radomsko Area Research Group (CRARG).

The Czestochowa-Radomsko Area Research Group gathers lists of Jewish residents of Czestochowa, Radomsko, and the small towns nearby (Gidle, Janów, Klobuck, Klomnice, Krzepice, Lelów, Mstów, Nowa Brzeznica, Plawno, Praszka, Przyrów, Rozprza, Szczekociny and Zarki), as well as Holocaust death lists and survivor lists from around Poland, in order  to support the search for family and family history.

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