Three ways to give to JRI-Poland

Our organization started with individual projects, and our fundraising evolved on that path. As we have grown along with the community we serve, our fundraising needs have as well. So, we have created two new ways to donate to JRI-Poland which have no direct relationship to your favorite town projects. Instead – they fund the infrastructure needed to provide queries to your towns’ data… computers, software, accounting and auditing services… the behind-the-scenes necessities for helping you find your family in the available records.

There are Now 3 Separate and Distinct Ways to Give to

  1. Become a JRI-Poland Annual Member 
  2. Support the NextGen Challenge Grant Fundraiser
  3. Donate to or become a Qualifying Contributor to your Favorite Project

The New JRI-Poland Annual Membership

Over the past 27 years, JRI-Poland has grown enough that we must provide the accounting and auditing information required to be a charitable organization of our size. This means we now need accounting professionals to manage our books and perform annual financial review. We also have computer expenses in the Cloud for our website, database and independent collection of scanned images. So in late March of 2021, we introduced a $54 membership like our sister organizations (Gesher Galicia and LitvakSIG). Your membership provides special members only benefits but is tax-deductible for US-taxpayers precisely because there is no real tangible benefit to you – it is primarily a donation. These highly intangible offers to you as a member include: special members only webinars and blog posts designed to help keep your fingers on the JRI-Poland pulse. We will also offer members the courtesy of looking up their families in advance of publishing new fully-funded data on our website. 

The NextGen Challenge Grant Fundraiser

Over the last two years, you have seen us accelerate development in our NextGen platform. Gifts to NextGen specifically are used to develop our new website and search system. We are undertaking the huge challenge of migrating to a completely new website and building our search system, database structure and the supporting background administrative functions to centralize and handle our growing volunteer organization. We are building new features as we can raise the money. 

Contribute to Record Development for Your Favorite Town Project

JRI-Poland has always funded individual projects by asking for donations from the researchers who would most greatly benefit from the data. Most of those projects have been associated with towns, and so our long-time donors are used to giving money to their favorite projects.

But what did we do when JRI-Poland grew and needed funds to run the organization and to develop a new website and search application to support those town projects?  Our membership dues go towards providing that core investment in technology and programs to keep things running strong.

Developing those town projects continues to be critical to JRI-Poland’s mission, and we hope that you continue to show your support for the towns of your ancestors.

To give, please use our donation form     Thank you!