Włoszczowa Book of Permanent Residents Index Online for Search

As part of the JRI-Poland commitment to make available the genealogical-relevant data from all Kielce towns – town by town – resource by resource (Parish records, metric records, Books of Residents, school lists and more), I am pleased to announce that the index to the Włoszczowa Books of Permanent Residents (BoR) is now fully accessible for online search on the JRI-Poland website. 

These Books of Residents include permanent residents of the town of Włoszczowa who were alive from about 1890, updated through about 1931. The index contains nearly 7,400 names with 318 unique surnames from 1,827 family households. A permanent resident and family were recorded in their town of permanent residence regardless in which town they resided or where the children were born.

The Polish index, likely prepared around 1928 from the Russian language volumes, only includes names of permanent residents still living that year; that is, there are many more residents entered in the BoR whose entries were crossed off when their deaths were recorded. 

The information in the volumes is arranged by house number and household, and includes the resident’s parentage, date-of-birth (and date-of-death within this period), town of birth, last town of residence, occupation and relation to head-of-household. The data offer an invaluable supplement to metric records, since permanent residents are listed whose births may not have been registered in the civil records.

Nine out of ten of the Włoszczowa Book of Residents volumes survived.

The last few pages of the Polish Index contain a list dated 20-Apr-1946 of 105 Jews shot by the Germans 1941-1942 in Krasocin and Włoszczowa. These are also searchable.

Włoszczowa had a large Jewish population (50% in 1925) resulting in family ties to many towns in the area.  It is a junction town about halfway between Kielce and Częstochowa (57 km west of Kielce).  Almost all Włoszczowa Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

For more information about volume pages and all Kielce-Radom-Sandomierz record extraction projects, please contact me directly through the JRI-Poland Town page for Kielce.

Judy Golan

JRI-Poland Kielce-Radom-Sandomierz Area Coordinator

Kfar Vradim, Israel