Wyszków Marriage Banns

The marriage banns of Wyszków are an important resource for researchers with an interest in this town and nearby towns and villages. The marriage banns include copies of birth records or birth protocols (sworn statements from witnesses containing the same basic information as birth records) for both the bride and groom.

The surviving Jewish birth, marriage and death records of Wyszków (in the Pułtusk branch of the Polish State Archives) only start in 1874. These records have been indexed under the JRI-Poland / Polish State Archives project and are searchable in the on-line JRI-Poland database.

The surviving Banns at the JHI are for the years 1877, 1879, 1880, 1889, 1890, 1909, 1910. Many of the individual files include copies of birth records that pre-date those available in the surviving Jewish vital records of Wyszków.

Each record usually includes multiple pages as in this other complete sample of Bann documentation and the English translation.

The brides and grooms in these records were from 71 different towns and villages in the vicinity of Wyszków. The birth records that form part of the banns are from 41 different towns. Lists of these towns and villages are included below. In a number of instances, the pre-1900 Jewish vital records for these towns have not survived, and these births will often be the only records available for certain families. Examples include: Długosiodlo, Jadów, Goworowo, and Ostrołęka.

Because of the relatively small size of this Wyszków collection, JRI-Poland created expanded indices and these will shortly be available for searching on the JRI-Poland on-line database.

Researchers may obtain a full Excel file with all entries by making a qualifying contribution. Contact Town Leader from the Wyszków town page for more details.