Zniesienie 1914 Death Records

The 1914 Jewish Zniesienie death register contains 208 entries and each entry generally includes surname, given name(s), date and location (town/street/hospital) of death, place of residence, date of registration and date of funeral, marital status, occupation, age and cause of death.

Sample page from register

These records have been indexed under the JRI-Poland / Polish State Archives project and are searchable in the on-line JRI-Poland database.

There are 209 unique surnames mentioned in the 1914 Zniesienie death records. Click here to view the SURNAME list. Ages at death vary from 34 hours to 87 years. Individuals are often identified by their relationship to another person such as “son of the wood guard,” “wife of the tailor,” “wife of the restaurant owner,” and “wife of the furrier.”

Because of the limited number of records available for this project, JRI-Poland has fully extracted all the information in the register and will make it available to researchers through the JRI-Poland on-line database when the records are more than 100-years old. However, by special arrangement, researchers may obtain a copy of the Excel file before the data goes online. For further information, send an email to the town leader using a form on the town page.

Note: the 1906-1911 records for Zniesienie are kept in the AGAD Archives branch of the Polish State Archives and will be indexed by JRI-Poland as part of the AGAD Archives project. 1913-1939 records are available in the Warsaw Civil Records Office.