Dabie Surnames
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JRI-Poland "Surname Lists" are a compilation of family names appearing one or more times in the vital records of a number of towns that have been indexed. All variations in the spelling, as they were written by the town registrar in the civil records, have been included in each surname list.

As additional indices are added for a town (other years/types of records), surnames not previously in the list will be added.

This feature of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is provided as an aid to researchers who may not initially recall or search for all the names in their various family branches, but whose memories may be sparked by scanning the list.

If you are interested in finding records for any surname on the list, search the JRI-Poland database for this exact spelling in this town. Note the source reference, and obtain the actual record. Information as to how to obtain records and what JRI-Poland provides is explained within the JRI-Poland web site. Please enter at the JRI-Poland home page to truly understand JRI-Poland.

The names come from Polish-language lists and transliterations of Russian-language lists, so that the spelling of a name may vary depending on its source. In particular, the letters "i" and "j" are interchangeable, as are "h" and the sound "ch", and the letter "h" may sometimes appear as "g".

To view the special Polish characters, you need to have your browser set to the proper character set encoding.

  • In Netscape 4 or above, click on the View menu. Then click on Character Set. Then click on "Central European (ISO-8859-2)".
  • In Microsoft Internet Explorer, click on the View menu. Drag mouse to "fonts" and list is displayed. Then click on "Central European Alphabet (ISO)".
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